Claire Kindred

a little world: to have and to hold

Claire HansenComment

Did anyone else really want a sea monkey when they were a kid? Those old Archie and Donald Duck comic books tantalised me to the point of yearning for a little family of miniature mer-people with crowns and an underwater castle; a"bowlful of happiness" was there, just out of reach. 

These days I make my own miniature worlds and so finally I can have and hold a miniature foreign world. For those who want to make their own I have started making DIY kits.

The kits are for people who don't have the time or resources to source all the different ingredients that go into making up a succulent terrarium. The ingredients are pretty basic, but can take a day of running around and most of the ingredients are only available commercially in large quantities.

We source high quality and strong cut out glass vessels in small, medium or large, then fill the vessel with the right portions of stones, activated charcoal, hessian, premium potting mix, red sand, white sand, a miniature person or animal (you choose) and decorative stones.

The only things you need to do is the fun bit of putting it all together and to add your own plants and water.