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we heart Bob Marley

viva la revolutionClaire Hansen1 Comment

Rise ye mighty people, ye-ah!
There's work to be done,
So let's do it-a little by little:
Rise from your sleepless slumber! Yes, yeah! Yes, yeah!
We're more than sand on the seashore,
We're more than numbers.
All together now:
Wake up and live now, y’all!

 -Bob Marley


We have been listening to lots of Bob Marley and the Wailers in out studio and the music is super good for relaxing into a deep slow groove and encouraging natural creativity and flow. It is also deeply subversive by throwing light onto to those who hold deeply vested interests in perpetuating war, slavery and inequality. Also, revolutionary because the message always seeks to empower us to stand up against all oppression and injustice.

Marley’s lyrics call on us to unite as one people, reminding us to all look to our collective roots in Africa. To first liberate our brothers and sisters who are oppressed by forms of racism and honour our shared roots as a universal family.

I think that for anyone the most confronting moments are when we realize that our understanding of ourselves, others and our world is often completely wrong. One of the main limitations to our understanding is simply the architecture of our neural pathways.  We have been taught to think in certain ways, paths run in the same directions over and over again,  and the unhelpful beliefs, transmitted by our society, parents and peers all operate like mental roadblocks. Embedded in our soft brain tissue are neural pathways accepting and perpetuating the inequalities of our the world. Embedded is a feeling of powerlessness to change ourselves and our society for the better. Bob Marley’s music works to undo this programming.

“enlightenment” referred to in Buddhist and Hindu teachings is a way of describing the limitless consciousness of an awakened being.  In an awakened being those neural pathways no longer control the consciousness and an enlightened person is able to perceive reality as it really is, and to perceive it without judgement.  Experiencing Bob Marley’s music is one way of moving towards an enlightened state of being.

Hazrat Inayat Khan,  the Sufi teacher and musician, brought messages of divine unity (Tawhid) to the West. He wrote that,

‘there is nothing in this world that can help one spiritually more than music. Music raises the soul of man even higher than the so-called external form of religion’.

Bob Marley’s messages of hope, spirituality and the end of slavery in all forms , set to these booty loving rhythms is one of my favourite examples of spiritually awakening music. Just press play :)