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Green & Bryksenkova

painting heroesClaire Hansen
'Fire Flies' by Rebecca Green

'Fire Flies' by Rebecca Green

I have been actively seeking to emulate my aesthetic heroes working to expand their awesomeness to both include and assimilate my paintings.

Two of my most favourite painters in the world are Rebecca Green and Yelena Bryksenova.

My painting the Night Twins is very much based on themes of animal rescue and connection that run through Green's paintings. I even replicated her beautiful feathery trees you can see above in "Fire Flies".  I admire Green's work so much because she paints such a wide variety of subjects and her colour work blows me away. I am colour blind, and so cognitively understand all images and subject matter in grey scale and absolutely struggle to achieve sophisticated colour work. Sadly, I rely heavily on my paint's tube labels!

I am comforted that Green admits to recolouring her paints over and over until she is perfectly happy, and that too much planning and pre-painting ( to determine colour and composition) often serves to take the fun out the creating. I agree! Too much planning, for me, often serves to kill the painting dead in the water and they end up perfectly planned never finished wannabes.

My painting Nancy's Book is inspired by 1940s Scottish country living, and stylistically draws heaps from Bryksenova's private lives series. Private moments of comfort, introversion, grief run throughout Bryksenova's paintings. I have studied her work intently and I love Bryksenkova's miniature decorative patterns, and folk art motifs that help to create a sense of place and space in her works. Bryksenova's paintings are exquisite little windows into peoples private moments. And of course, her colour work is exceptional and the perfection of the image below  *sighs*... so good!

Yelena Bryksenkova - private lives series

Yelena Bryksenkova - private lives series


You can buy Bryksenkova's prints here, and one day (hopefully) Rebecca Green will sell hers from here.