lilliput mountain

paintings by clare

why I make pictures

There are moments in this life when we encounter and are touched by the inexpressible beauty and wonder of the Cosmos.

I paint with the intention to share these moments, and so that my paintings may serve us all as a reminder that with a moments pause, and a second's gratitude, we can instantly renew our connection to the ever unfolding wonderfulness of life and to each other.

My Story

Once apon a time I painted all the time.. When I had my first child at 22 I thought I had better sort myself out and get a "real job".  So I went to university, had more children, became a lawyer and worked hard feeling increasingly spent, wrung out and disillusioned.

A few years ago I picked up a paint brush and without any expectations started to paint my soul longing and I found that I thirsted for connection with the wilderness, to experience more freedom and to live a life guided by my heart..

where Are my paintings?

This website. Or even better; in person at Salamanca Market (opposite St David's Park). If you are interested in purchasing an original and would like to visit my studio please send an email! :D Often you can see my latest work in progress on Instagram.


I love the feeling I get from your paintings... the feeling of being the heroine of your own story...
— Alice