Paintings by Claire


 Please, don't be shy and show me your art, we are a community of creatives. Whenever possible I love to create with others so if that's what your into,  let me know :D

why I make pictures

To share joy, to uplift people and bring more light and love into the world. To find the magic in the mundane and to celebrate the love I feel every day.

My Story

When I was grungy teenager I painted all the time.. . everyone I knew was an artist of some kind or another. But when I had my first kid  I thought I had better get it together and grow up so I went to university became a lawyer and worked hard and in a way that everything started to feel hard and brittle.

I recklessly took a year's break from corporate  work and let the bills pile up.  I started to paint again, and it kind of has been completely effortless, like the pictures flow through me... as long as I dont think too much and stay in the heart.

where Are my paintings?

They have all sold, but you can see my latest work in progress on Instagram. You can buy limited edition prints here on my website or contact me if you would like something a bit different.



I love the feeling I get from your paintings... the feeling of being the heroine of your own story...
— Alice