lilliput mountain

paintings by clare

why make pictures?

There are moments in this life when we encounter and are touched by the inexpressible beauty and wonder of the Cosmos.

I make art with the resolve to share these moments, and so that these paintings may serve us as a reminder that in a moments pause we can instantly renew our connection to the ever unfolding wonderfulness of life.

how to paint

I used to paint all the time. I never worried about results, and would often paint with my fingers and toes just for fun. I had my first child at 22 and worried about being too much of dreamer. Thought I had better get it together.  So I went to university and studied law, had more children, worked hard and felt increasingly spent, wrung out and disillusioned with our society and collective values.

A few years ago I picked up my brushes, and using water-colour began to paint my soul's longing. I found that I thirsted for connection with the wilderness, for freedom and heart based living... so that is what I painted.

where you can see my art

 To see what I have been painting recently you can follow me on instagram. To see what is available to buy check out my online shop, or if you are in Tasmania visit me in person at Salamanca Market opposite St David's Park. If you are interested in a studio visit please send me a text or an email! :D


“Above all things, let us strive to always be kind”
— anon