lilliput mountain

Howdy, it is a pleasure to meet you!


What we do and what we make, in some ways is not as important as how we do it.  The notion of "process over product" flips our awareness from future to present, from output to input. To get there (or here) it helps to become aware of how we feel when we do what we do.

For example: while drawing or painting I might ask "am I relaxed? Do I feel positive about what I am doing?" If not; then maybe its best to stopand take a moment to see whats not feeling so good. 

Hamish and I meditate everyday and one awesome experience; common to all whom meditate, is the awareness that we are vibrating at a particular frequency, and that the vibration is in a constant state of change. Those changes hinge on our internal reaction to external stimuli, ultimately being a product of our state of being.

I hypothesize that on that vibration level it doesn't matter what I am doing; for example I may cleaning the toilet or painting a masterpiece. It doesn't matter; because all that is real on the vibration level is the frequency I am creating/ emanating.

Pleasure is one way of communicating with this vibration level. Epicurus says “we make feeling the rule by which to judge every good thing”. Our feeling is a language capable of as much sensitivity as speech or physical touch. It is our feeling that informs us about our well-being (or frequency) in any moment.  I wonder if it is our feeling that will lead us to the good life.


I used to paint all the time when I was a freedom loving teenager, always finding poetry in any juxtaposition of text, or swept away by the wonder of a new moon or the feeling of the soft breeze on my skin.

Over the years I became less and less randomly creative and more and more "productive" as a member of society. This was celebrated as a mark of success. But these days I am starting to have doubts about our understanding of what success really means. I remember, after a winter of unhealthy relationships, endless chores and working in an office; I was so tired and over life.

How can we live better? Surely life wasn't meant to be lived so miserably.  Not one of us want to live like that, so why do we continue to push through a daily grind? I really believe that no matter what we are "doing" for a job we can find a way to make it joyful, and if we cant, then perhaps what we are doing is so anti-life, so-anti-fun then its time for a sea change.



Its really important to be trustworthy. When we seek to restore balance through lightheartedness and play the counter weight is that as a human being each of us is entrusted with the well being of our family, our community and the environment.  As humans it is of paramount importance that each of us act as committed custodians of Earth by committing to making daily choices that move us towards harmony with our beautiful natural world and beloved animal friends. Did you know that we also have the right to complain about state oppression? Governments rely entirely on the people for their right to serve us. Remember... always... that you are powerful!


Making is what we do and what started this whole project.  We play, create and make unique and special paintings, art and art objects that are sometimes very useful because we are on a quest to find the perfect marriage of form and function. We are on a mission to bring more beauty, meaning and conscious choice into our homes and our lives. To see what we have been painting recently have a look in our gallery, instagram or shop :)

“Pleasure is our first and kindred good. It is the starting point of every choice and of every aversion, and to it we always come back, inasmuch as we make feeling the rule by which to judge of every good thing.”
— Epicurus